"Spirit Speaks"

Channeling Symposium


 Sunday, April 10th

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

(please arrive by 1:50pm)

It is with great anticipation that Spirit returns to gift us with a profound opportunity to receive information directly from their realm to inform, support, and aid us in this great moment, for change, movement and regeneration of Earth, the Cosmos and the Universe. Spirit will bring forth great wisdom and messages of a planetary or universal nature. Questions specific to each presentation may be taken at the end of each session if time allows.


Six channels will be serve as the instruments through which Spirit will share their messages:


Victoria Hayden

Lisa McDowell

Jessica Tanselle

Rosa Lee Campbell

Kimberly Taylor

Phyllis Reynolds


The frequencies created through this event will serve to move the Ascension Process forward for All within the Divine Plan! 



Sacred Journeys, Oneness Center

10845 Bluegrass Parkway

Louisville,KY 40299

(Turn in drive across from Signs Now and continue to front of red brick bldg.)



 Payable at the Door




This is a channeled event OPEN TO PUBLIC !!!


Important Guidelines !! 


* Please be respectful of the other students and recognize that classes/events are channeled and driven by energy downloads to all.


* Please keep noise to an absolute minimum and reserve ALL conversations for break times. 


* Please focus your attention/intention on holding sacred space in support of the spiritual wisdom and energy that is being offered. 


*As a sitter in attendance to a Spirit event, you are holding a container of energy that is vital for the information to come through in its purest form.  Please hold this space with great reverence and gratitude. 


* Please reserve bathroom breaks, refreshments, and snacks for scheduled break time.

* Please do not enter after class/event has begun as this interrupts the energy.


* Please turn off or completely silence cell phones (including vibrate mode).

* No recording permitted unless permission granted by all presenters.  


* Please NEVER approach, touch, or step into a persons energy while they are channeling or immediately after, as this can fracture their energy body.


Thank you for honoring these important guidelines at this event.