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Featured Classes

These classes are the foundational studies of Sacred Journeys. Additional classes take place throughout the year so watch the calendar and your newsletter for announcements. We follow the Jefferson County Public School System and close when they close. Have a topic you'd like to learn about? Contact us and let us know your idea. Chances are someone else is probably interested as well.

Jessie Morgan

Spiritual Teacher


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Experiential Class

This is an Intermediate Level class. It is for those who already have some Foundational Knowledge in Spirituality. Each class is stand-alone and does not require an inner commitment to attend each session.

Classes start promptly at 7pm and end at 9pm, September through May.

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Advanced Class

This is a High Frequency/ High Level Knowledge of Spirituality Class that builds progressively from the start of the semester in September to its completion in May. Foundational Classes in Spirituality, including the Merkaba, and Fundamentals of Sacred Geometry are highly recommended to have before attending this Class.

This Class does require an inner commitment to attend each session. Classes start promptly at 7pm and end at 9pm.

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Lisa McDowell

Spiritual Teacher

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Class Calendar

Spirituality 101

The Basics of Intuitive Development!

This Progressive Course of Study that meets on 5 consecutive once-a-week evenings is designed to help you understand your Spiritual Self and Abilities, in the past called our Psychic Senses. We now know this is how our Soul communicates with us and how other souls can as well! Many of you are awakening to personal experiences of your loved ones in Heaven touching in with you or your spirit guides and angels trying to get your attention thru fragrances, touches, unusual happenings around your home, or sensing a presence. These and many more ways are awakening you to the worlds beyond our 5 senses. Each class is fast-paced and will include a download of information plus exercises as well as hands-on practice sessions. All classes will be geared with recognition that you are on a path of evolving your own truth and the desire is these classes will assist!

Spirituality 102

Applying the Basics

Following on the heels of our 101 Series, this progression of learning continues in our 102 Series. This Series will take us deeper into working with and understanding ourselves at the Soul and human levels. We will be working with higher aspects of our Intuitive Self through fun exercises and shared knowledge.

Spirituality 103

Meditation Help & Practices

Having trouble with this thing called meditation?? So many of us do so we will explore some of the issues you are having! Plus we will experience different techniques and purposes including: Working with the Divine Healing Rays, Body Re-Balancing, Setting Intentions & Reenergizing Your Intentions, Breathing, Re-energizing Your Energy Level, Honing Your Personal ‘Listening’ Skills, Rechanneling Your Mind, Being in Present Moment, Going Deeper Within and other things that make ‘Going Within’ a passion!

Spirituality 104

Deepening Your Awareness

In this 4th series in the Progression of classes, we reach deeper for clearer understanding of our Self Awareness and our Higher Awareness thru different spiritual communication means. In these 5 classes, we will put to work all that we have learned about discernment, spiritual ethics, healthy boundaries, our etheric bodies/aura, raising-up in consciousness, the laws that govern us as energy, and the ability to constantly call upon spiritual guidance and help in our everyday lives at any moment by communicating with our Loved Ones in Heaven, our Pets, the Nature Spirit Realm and Channeling!

In this 5th Series, we really start applying all our spiritual tools to our outer world living. We’ve been looking within and cleaning out our old self with increasing spiritual awareness and it is reflecting in our outer world. We will take different areas of 3rd and 4th dimensional living and work with our spiritual abilities to make conscious positive changes in our personal lives.

Spirituality 105

Spiritual Living in
Everyday Life!

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