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The Infinite Creator Blessing

Interweaving the Energies to Heal the Children of the World

Sunday, June 18th, 5:15 pm - 6:30 pm (EST/DST)

For more than a decade, the quarterly Infinite Creator Blessing has been used as a platform to anchor necessary energies to support Gaia's ascension.  Dec. 21, 2019 marked the successful completion of Gaia's ascension to the 5th Dimension and the portal to her ascension was sealed.  As we move forward, we continue to assist humanity by anchoring the necessary energies to support the ascension and evolution of humanity, until we are able to fully join Gaia within 5th Dimensional Consciousness.  
A request from the Lady in Blue (Higher Aspect of Mother Mary).
A Global Prayer Day to:
“Create a Global Pulse Point of Light To Save Her Children"

The Lady in Blue requested a global prayer day to save Her children, those children whose childhoods have been robbed from them through multiple forms of abuse.
She requested a Global Day of Prayer to Ignite the Hearts of the Children on the date most energetically in alignment, the Summer Solstice.  
On this day
, we will utilize the platform of energy created from the Infinite Creator Blessing to support this cause for our children.  


Join us as we create a Powerful Portal of Light to lift your prayers and intentions for the children of the world.  The hearts of our children are the HOPE of our future.  We will move into a space of silence/meditation and focus our prayful intentions upon their fragile hearts.  Open your own heart to allow this stream of Divine Healing Love to expand through you, thus creating an interconnected tapestry of Healing Light reaching around the globe.  See a Stream of Light as it descends from the Divine Creator, moving through you, and igniting the hearts of children everywhere.  Hold this space and the vision of the illumined hearts of the children for 30 minutes.  Hold the greatest space of Love, Compassion, and Gratitude.
This united effort creates a Single Pulse Point of Light reaching the hearts of children around the globe.  

It is with Humility, Love, and Gratitude that we heed this resounding call...... AMEN

Love offering of $11 requested if attending in person

For those who are interested in hearing the entire channeled message from the Lady in Blue, it is live on YouTube .



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