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Messages from the Other Side

Saturday, Oct 22nd,   7pm

As we search for new truths, we encounter, often, those who have been before us. Their written words, pictures, pottery, furniture has often found its way into our lives. Wouldn’t it be wonderful and fulfilling to hear from them?

Whether it is about objects you have of theirs or what they think of your new baby or closure with “Last Words,” your Loved Ones are being given a ‘voice’ to communicate with you their beliefs, their Love, and their Humor.

Join Us as we invite your Loved Ones (including pets) to be with us for an                            evening of connection and upliftment!!

Lisa McDowell will be the connection point for these communications and is inviting 10 people to make these connections that evening. There will be room for those who want to just view this experience in a respectful manner.

        $25 for each person receiving a connection

    $11 for those viewing

          Register in advanced for those first 10 people desiring a connection

                        Walk-ins are welcome for the gallery viewing.

         Location: Oneness Center

                                         10845 Bluegrass Pkwy

                                      Louisville, KY 40299

     Contact Lisa McDowell at to register!

                  Hope to see you there and meet your Loved Ones!

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