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Merlin Speaks: September 2019

September 2019 is full of surprises with everything hanging in balance and ready to swing either toward tremendous spiritual lessons or having some fun and relaxation.  Your intent is the catalyst of the swing so make sure that your intention is what you truly want to experience. 

Also, there is an energy of 3 past lives from the Middle Ages flowing into relationships during this particular time and if you are looking for someone to begin a new romance, it most surely will happen. 

Home projects are indicated but ensure that you have a fair idea of the cost as it will exceed estimates but you will be incredibly happy with the results. 

The energy of this month also forecasts one in which the emotional cups overflow so enjoy both them but make sure to conserve your energy and not allow yourself to be depleted as you will become vulnerable. 

Tremendous downloads are coming into your crown chakra which deals with the spiritual energies for the next 12 months. Enjoy the company that surrounds you now as it is what your heart needs.  Remember the autumn equinox and plant the seeds in the spiritual world for harvesting in the spring of 2020.

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