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Merlin Speaks: December 2019

December dawns with renewed emotional energy and a quest for the heart's desire. 

Travel is indicated and something that has been lost or misplaced with be found after a long search.  Heart healing is also indicated during this completion of the Ascension cycle and the human mind is filled with renewed imagery of what the 5th dimensional world is like but it is difficult to communicate that to someone who has not integrated the download. 

New beginnings for the entire planet await at the end of the year and new relationships are forged with all of the kingdoms and there is a reappearance within the Devic kingdom of beings which have not reveled themselves for the last 20,000 years.  A new stream of energy flowing from Helios enters through the solar plexus and it takes on a hue of red in addition to it's golden yellow.  Earth changes begin to accelerate and ice melting occurs at a level unseen up to this point in time. 

This is a time after December 21 to focus on heart energy and allowing the process of Divine healing to take place in the heart.  Love is everywhere and fills everything and all you have to do is to tune into it.

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