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Merlin Speaks: November 2019

November begins and remains for the entire month filled with change, ending and beginnings.  Tremendous cycles of change enter into every aspect of life and the death of that which is no longer needed begins to fall away.

Movement toward the 5th dimension is clearly indicated as the third begins to fade away with a gentle release and a renewed strength of courage to move into this grand new cycle.  Dream state and astral plane travel is much easier and the explorations of all that the levels of the astral plane has to offer are open and available to those who have the courage.  This is a time of truth and if you are not radiating your truth then you will fine tremendous nudges toward that truth.  That which is out of alignment and harmony will be cut back into balance.  Rewards are great for those who understand and live their truth, the struggle becomes more intense for those who are not.  Healing energies emanating from the hierarchy are very intense during this month and particular focus in on the solar plexus.  This is a time of great manifestation and ensure you what you seek is what you love.   The rod of the Mohan Chohan is directing a special energy to all light workers and physical vibrations will be strengthen to contain this new energy.

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