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Merlin Speaks: August 2019

August focus of energy is on the physical and getting plenty of rest and relaxation. 

Financial matters will be resolved on a positive note and there is the beginning of a nine year cycle of prosperity. 

The mind focused through a center of pure calm and peace will allow you to achieve your goals in the physical but there will be some unexpected delays in affairs of the heart.  The veil thins unexpectedly during the third week of the cycle and messages from loved ones on the other side of life are easier to receive. 

Achieve comes via focus and health outcomes are enhanced with sleep.  Walks and forest bathing are a welcomed relief from emotional stress and an individual at work may expect more from you than you are willing to give. 

Rest assured that you will achieve success and many spiritual messages are being delivered both by the raven's calls and the morning doves.  Mental exertions are the norm for this month and expect that you will be able to function at a very high level.

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