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13th Annual Healing Clinic


In-person portion of this event CANCELLED due to unexpected circumstances.

(All healing intentions already sent will receive focused Healing)

Do you know someone who needs healing????  Send healing intentions for them NOW for this Annual Collective Healing Event.  

The Healing Clinic is where the energies from the Divine Heart and Mind balanced with Gaia’s energies create the infinite flow of healing energy between them to benefit all who request to receive it. 

12 Healing Channels will gather
 to direct this powerful flow of Healing Energy directly to each healing intention/request received. 

All involved energies create a trinity of healing from the Divine Feminine to the Divine Masculine flowing through the healing instruments to the recipients. The geometry of infinity, which unfolds the All, will bridge through the Divine Heart and Mind and ground into Gaia’s Heart.

The infinity geometry bridges both the realms of density and the etheric and is the energy of balance, harmony, the yin yang, love and compassion. The energy flow of the event will result in creating the goemetry of the Tree of Life, also known as the Flower of Life. 

$1.00 per Healing Intention/Request
(Requests for 10 people = $10)

NO need to be present.  All healing is sent distantly. 
You are invited to tap into this Powerful Portal of Healing Light by holding space from your home. 


The entire WORLD needs HEALING !

PLEASE submit your Intentions NOW !!!

Then hold space with us on June 4th at 12nn.

Submit by PAYPAL:

*  Click PAYPAL button at the top of this page.
*  Type in Amount of donation and hit NEXT.
*  If prompted, log-in to your Paypal account.
*  Under the donation amount, Click "Add a note" and Type  
    in Name of each request or intention in subject box. 
*  Scroll down and click "Submit Payment Now"

Submit by SNAIL MAIL:
*  Send Donation by check along with Healing       
   Requests/Intentions to: 
   Margie Beatty   1300 Pine Tar Ct., Louisville, KY 40243
   Make Checks payable to Sacred Journeys.

*  Send other inquires or questions to:  

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